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Welcome To My Health Freaks

Here Is What Can We Do For YOU…..

Identify or maintain your personal health goals.

Scrutinize labels while shopping for you to insure the products are free from any food intolerance, preservatives, dyes or chemicals.

Shop and deliver foods that support your chosen dietary regimen.

Be a support system to help you recover from a health crisis, prevent conditions from manifesting and or maintain a healthy path.

Make recycling easy and convenient by taking them away for you. Each American on average throws away 185 pound of plastic each year x 325 Million Americans, THAT’S 58 ½ BILLION pounds of plastic thrown away each year. We help you be responsible conveniently.

Clean and organize your home with non-toxin cleaning supplies. 

Create more TIME for you to spend your way! Time with family, rest, exercise, sports.

Special Introductory Offer to Preview Our Services

$29 Per Hour for your First Visit! Plus if you Commit to a 3 Month Trial Period We Will Wave the $100 Set Up Fee!l
  • ✔ Customize an Inventory Based on Your Preferences
  • ✔ Healthy Groceries Delivered and Put Away
  • ✔ Organizing and Cleaning with Environmentally Safe Supplies
  • ✔ Take Away Your Returnables
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