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MyHealth Statement

Our goal at Health Freaks is to create and maintain a home environment that is healthy and free from toxins. In this fast paced culture, it is a challenge to sustain a home free from toxic chemicals and provide a healthy menu for ourselves and families.

Whether you have recently become interested in a healthier lifestyle or you want to take the next step in your already healthy course. Health Freaks can help streamline your journey. Maybe you have recently been diagnosed with a food allergy or intolerance and need guidance. We are experts in shopping for healthy ingredients and ingredient substitutions. Health Freaks can overhaul your pantry and refrigerator and cleaning supplies. We will make recommendations on everything from supplements to makeup to healthy routines and regimens that keep you on your chosen path.

Our goal is to make living a healthy life convenient. Health Freaks will shop, deliver, clean, organize and we will even take care of your recyclables and email you a suggested order for the upcoming week. You may add to or delete anything on your grocery list and expect it next week. Start with a simple questionnaire, followed by a free consultation. After that it’s up to you to decide if My Health Freaks will be YOUR Health Freaks.