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What’s the Fuss…

Welcome To My Health Freaks

Who am I and why am I a Health Freak?

My name is Renee Osterhouse, and I know from first-hand experience how difficult health challenges can be.

As a young woman, I manifested a bleeding ulcer. With the help of diet and natural remedies, it was healed. Later in life my child was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and my weight climbed to over 180 pounds. I had arthritis in both knees and stomach pain coupled with other digestive issues. My late husband, sadly, had a brunt of issues regarding his health. Cancer and its treatments were more than he could take. Ultimately, ALS took his life. Despite those emotional struggles, my daughter thrives and excels in her life because of careful dietary management, and my weight is perfectly maintained in the 120s. Since altering my food choices more than a decade ago, I have NO arthritis and my other pain/digestive issues literally disappeared!


Through it all I can say that choices matter! Let Health Freaks guide you. I have witnessed great successes and I have a tremendous amount of passion for what I do.

My background has led me to work professionally helping people get healthier. I have owned a healthy living center and have worked with health food and healthy supplement companies. I have more than a decade of experience in this area.

Maybe you are already a Health Freak that needs someone you can trust to free up time more time? Or, maybe you need a Health Freak to set you on a new path, your way, at your pace?

We make living Healthy Lifestyles

Simple And Convenient!